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Essay example - Jammu and Kashmir

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The state of Jammu and Kashmir is located in South Asia between India and Pakistan. Once part of the Great Britain Empire in the sub continent, the Jammu and Kashmir state has been a bone of contention between India, Pakistan and the people living in the state itself, since 1947 when both India and Pakistan got liberation from Great Britain rule…

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Kashmir is located in the Northwest of the sub continent. Historically, the valley consisted of the area lying between great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range. However, current Kashmir is referred to the area administered by India - Kashmir valley, Jammu and Ladakh; the area administered by Pakistan - Azad Kashmir; and Aksai Chin, which is in China (, 2007).
Kashmir has always been a Muslim majority area. As per the 1901 census that was carried out by British Indian Empire, almost 75% of the population consisted of Muslims, 24% were Hindus, and the others were Buddhists. The major population of Hindus was in Jammu which had almost 50% Hindus population, whereas in Kashmir valley, Muslims were in dominant majority with approximately 94% of the total population and Hindus were only 5% (Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1908). As per the census of 1941, Muslim population of Kashmir was 93.6% and Hindus were only 4% (Mridu, 2004). In 2003, the percentage population of Muslims in the Kashmir valley was 95% with Hindus only 4%. In Jammu, the percentage population of Hindus was 66% and Muslims 30% (BBC, 2003). ...
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