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Latin America case study can be used to assess increasing metropolitan dominance in the world. According to the study done in Latin America about metropolitan dominance, metropolitan areas are said to dominate regions larger than themselves. These areas include Chicago, New York City and reach of twin cities. This paper emphasize certain social, psychological and economic factors perceived to be influential in determining the trend of intercommunity dominance found in a metropolis as opposed to its neighborhood (Melvin, Defleur and Crosby 90; Herzog, 1; Skair, 23; Ward, 99; Wolfe, 11).
Metropolitan dominance can be defined in terms of functional analysis. Urban dominance hierarchy can be established by functions like financial and entrepreneurial services, editorial and printing activities, science art and entertainment. The dominant cities in the world referred as word cities are said to perform different roles include, centers of insurance, and other related services centers of national and international political power of trade while at the same time they are actively involved as centers of law, medicine, higher education, IT, information mass media and mass - quality goods like centers of culture arts and entertainment (Power, 45; Thorns, 56; Methot, 11; Willem, 26; Melvin Defleur and Crosby, 74).
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Urban development has been a continuous process since the rise of industrialization. Growth of urban area can be attributed to the rural - urban migration. In the past, most people lived in the rural area but this has been reversed. Growth to urban cities migration in search of jobs in most countries, major states centers erection and set up of industries…
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