The Construction Managers Responsibility Towards a Workplace Culture of Diversity: From Barriers to Management

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Workforce diversity is the inclusion of ethnic and gender minorities into the organisation. Diversity in an organisation has benefits and responsibilities. Rajan and Harris (p 22 20030 studied five hundred UK firms to evaluate the impact of diversity management.


More responsive business cultures The new initiatives seek to shift management attitudes from being inward looking to outward looking, from backward looking to forward looking. Old attitudes are at variance with new market realities. (Rajan and Harris p 22 2003).
The implications of diversity in an organisation show that this is an important strategy to be practiced by management and employees. Identifying the responsibilities of managers and employees in fostering diversity will help towards developing an organisational culture that reaps the benefits outlined above.
In practice, diversity management should foster a responsible environment with a focus on equality amongst all members of the organisation. Kandola and Fullerton (p 10 2003) state that that "equal opportunities was often seen as something that concerned mainly personnel and human resource practitioners. Managing diversity, however, is seen as being the concern of all employees, especially managers, within an organisation" (Kandola and Fullerton, 2003 p10).
This statement creates a need to define the responsibilities of managers and employees in diversity practice. ...
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