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Book Analyses on "Ramona" by Helen Hunt Jackson

This is a strong character trait, a calm acceptance, and the ability to be grateful for the love received from others, in particular, old Father Salviederra and Felipe. At the age of 19, when the story opens, Ramona was still waiting patiently, working hard in the house, helping others and displaying a generosity of spirit which allowed her to pity the Senora, with 'gentle faithfulness' (Chap 3, p) She was thus both intuitive and perceptive.
Within Ramona, there was a core of strength and pride which became apparent when faced with Senora Moreno's refusal to allow a marriage with Alessandro. Her sense of justice, love and loyalty enabled her to overcome fear and desperation as she dared to tell the Senora, "You have been cruel; God will punish you." (Chap 12 p) Evidence of a lack of material greed was presented, when all she took from the jewels and rich clothes, her potential inheritance, was a ragged silk handkerchief. "I will keep this handkerchief...I am very glad to have one thing that belonged to my father." (Chap. 11, p) Her character may be aptly described as noble. Despite all
the tragedy which followed her marriage to Alessandro, Ramona showed a steadfast love and loyalty ...
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Character Sketch: Ramona: She was a person of happiness and good natured generosity, the orphaned child of a Scottish father and Indian mother, adopted daughter of the Moreno family. Her approach to everyone showed a sunny disposition and much kindness, and though she had been given every material comfort, she was aware that Senora Moreno had no feelings of warmth or affection for her…
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