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history of italian cinema, from neoralism to 1970 to present

With its unrivaled contribution to the growth of the plastic art in Western Europe from the period of Giotto, Italy has made one of the most important additions to the cinema of the early periods. "Much of its claim to artistic hegemony on the European continent for a number of centuries rested upon not only a steady succession of artists of genius but also upon the resolution of certain technical problems, such as the study of perspective, which would eventually raise similar problems and demand equally ingenious artistic and technical solutions in the realm of photography." (Bondanella, 1) The contributions made by Filoteo Alberini, who is known for the Alberini Kinetograph, are especially remarkable and his La presa di Roma, 20 settembre 1870 inaugurated one of the most important and opening Italian filoni or sub-genres, i.e. the historical film. Along with the domination of the genres of the historical film and costume drama, there existed several significant types of films during the early periods of the silent cinema in Italy. "There existed a variety of topics - ranging from the celebrated Roman epics to filmed theatrical works, dramas inspired by Italian verismo or regional naturalism, adventure films in episodes or in series, comic works, and several experimental films produced by the Italian artistic avant-garde. ...
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In an analysis of the history of Italian Cinema, it becomes clear that the cinema industry in Italy started in few months since the discovery of cinema by the Lumiere brothers and it is most significant to undertake an analysis of its history from Neorealism to the present…
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