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Dell Computer Corporation was established in 1984 by Michael Dell while attending the University of Texas. The vision of the company was to achieve greater heights by upgrading Personal Computers and selling them. Even as Dell was improving and selling Personal Computers, the management discovered that traditional manufacturer - retailer chain was not as productive as it ought to be.


Dell Inc makes direct sales or direct marketing in the market place so as to keep up with the pace of the competitors. By these means, Dell ha managed to follow up the changes in the customer preferences and the change in technology and as a result, the company has managed also to build a long term customer firm relationship hence increasing customer confidence and satisfaction, consumer loyalty and client profitability in a price valuable way, Dell (1999). The success of Dell Corporation is based on successful research in market segmentation, positioning and other aspects of business success.
Successful segmentation has placed Dell Inc at an advantaged position with the opportunity to make moves towards every client in each segment and to enhance customer relationship. Market segmentation is the foundation of Dell marketing operations, and through these segmentations, the Dell Corporation establishes its positioning and changes its offers for every segment's client. Segmentation is significant constituent of virtual integration with clients, and the finer the segmentation the better it is for the company to predict the client needs and timing, Dell (1999). Coordination between suppliers and other aspects is enhanced by coordination of flow of strategic
This is the client relationship manageme ...
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