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The Importance of Regular Asthma Review

The extent of the narrow. Asthma has a significant impact on children's health; nationally 5% of GP consultations for Children relate to asthma. Evidence suggests that the long-term future for children with .Persistent uncontrolled asthma is relatively poor, with most continuing to experience .Symptoms into adulthood, and that prevention, early intervention and effective long-term .Every year if your symptoms are well controlled or more often if your symptoms are difficult to control.
Within 48 hours of a serious asthma attack to make sure your symptoms are better controlled. You also need another review one to two weeks after a serious attack to make sure your symptoms are back under control.
Blood pressure: Both high and low pressure has affected our health badly. High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Having a yearly blood pressure test will provide your health care professional with a baseline level to compare during subsequent visits. Once you are detected of not having the normal blood pressure it is better to check up on a regular basis.
Cholesterol level: Every adult should have the cholesterol level checked occasionally. A high blood cholesterol level is an important risk factor for coronary artery disease. If it is high more specific tests like HDL and LDL cholesterol levels can be done. ...
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Anyone breathing secondhand smoke may experience runny nose, eye irritation, sneezing, headaches and coughing. There are groups of people who may have more severe problems. Those at risk for severe problems are unborn babies and newborns, children and teens and people with asthma or other respiratory conditions…
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