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Essay example - Food Policy

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Not many of the dates learned in history lessons at school remain in mind as the years roll by. However, in the U.K. the year 1066 has always been one of the most remembered dates. It was the year of the Battle of Hastings which heralded the arrival of William, the Conqueror from Normandy…

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I refer to the year 1992 when the "Single European Market" (SEM, one supposes!) is due to take effect as most trade barriers within Western Europe, or at least in the Common Market, are to be dismantled.
The UK government is currently investing over ten million pounds in television campaign to promote all businessmen to be ready to take benefits of these great news sales opportunities. With respect of this, all EEC countries crave to increase their exports into a static consumer market.
Certainly, in some sections in the UK business industry there will be winner or looser. Confederation of British (CBI) industry, are already crying foul because to some extent they think that Western Europeans countries will try to buy the UK base corporations. If it happens, simultaneously the British mergers legislations will deter domestic companies in hope to get competitive advantages over international based organizations. This explains the fact, why so many British organizations have setup their business in the USA.
But how will SEM affect the quick frozen food industry within the Common Market Maybe not nearly as much as it will some other markets partly because of the strong share of the total market held by Unilever and Nestle. ...
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