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Marketing communication and consumer behaviour

However, usually this communication flow is disturbed by the presence of noise or distractions. This results in failed communication.
All marketing communications are carried out keeping a certain objective in mind. These objectives can range from informing the consumer about the product to persuading the consumer to buy the product. (Michael, Gary, Soren and Margrate, 20)
Marketing communication has been used to establish social control in many different areas. It has been especially useful in influencing public opinion for religious and political campaigns. However, before embarking on a communications journey; the marketing mix must be in place for a product. The marketing mix consists of 4Ps, namely product, place, price and promotion. Product refers to the essential feature of the product including packaging, place refers to distribution and where the product will be available while promotion is the element concerned with marketing communications.
For a company to excel, its promotional effort must be in coordination with the marketing. Therefore the advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations must all convey the same message. As a child I was very fond of the movie E.T and the movie went on to become a super hit with audiences all over the world. ...
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Marketing Communications are all strategies, tactics and activities involved in getting the desired message to the intended consumer. Any medium could be used to communicate the marketing message. Communication of any form consists of certain simple components…
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