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Many people would think that the means of egress only refers to a door marked with an 'exit' sign. However, Section 1002 of the California State Building Code (CSBC) officially defines the means of egress as a "continuous and unobstructed path of vertical or horizontal egress travel from any occupied portion of a building or structure to a public way"…

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These are further defined in the following:
1. Exit access - refers to the part of the means of egress system that leads to an exit from any occupied portion of a building or structure. Halls, corridors, aisles and other paths which can be traversed for escape can serve as exit access.
2. Exit - refers to the part of the means of egress system separated from other interior spaces of buildings by fire-resistance rated construction and equipments as required to provide a protective path between the exit access and the exit discharge. This includes exit exteriors and passageways, exterior exit doors at ground level, stairs and ramps and horizontal exits.
Building codes specifies several items of concern in the means of egress system and requires those concerned to comply with the requirements such as illumination of signs, minimum sizes of doors, stairs, ramps and the amount of time it takes to travel from the exit access to the exit discharge.
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