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Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say

He loves both his country of birth and his new country and through that emotion comes to understand how his Grandfather felt.
Is the setting authentic The dual settings are both very authentic. There is a wealth of information about the "New World" and North America. The book lists and illustrates among others; "Deserts with rocks like enormous sculptures" (8), "endless farm fields" (9), and "huge cities of factories and tall buildings" (10) as well as Grandfather's reaction to them. I found the illustrations to be of a particular quality which vividly showed both the place and the mood of Grandfather while there. For example, in the "endless farm fields" (9) there is a rich, golden light and Grandfather is facing toward it, with a dreamy expression on his face while in the "huge city" he is hunched over matching the mood of the oppressive looking cityscape. The images of Japan are all serene and relaxed, which would fit the feeling when one is at home and at peace. There are authentic representations of the countryside (20, 21) as well as their home. (22, 25) The illustrator represents each culture without the typical stereotypical scorn.
Are the illustrations authentic and non-stereotypical The illustrations are authentic, representing the cultures in an embracing and non-deg ...
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Grandfather's Journey is an award winning book about a Japanese-American man recounting the story of his Grandfather's life and realizing the parallels to his own life. Grandfather is born in Japan, and then goes off to explore the world. He travels and falls in love with North America, specifically California's Sierra Mountains.(14) He returns to Japan, marries his sweetheart and they return to California where they raise a baby girl…
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