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Technology and Business - Essay Example

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In today's world, technology plays a key role in our daily living. This can best be illustrated by Mc Donald which offers customers a bigger taste of technology such as video games consoles, internet terminals that are usually on the menu to attract new customers, flat screen TVs, just to mention but a few…

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Technology and Business

Moreover, the corporation is also taking into account the possibility of offering free internet access with food purchases. (Mullins 2001, p.120)
In addition to this, the company is introducing BT Openzone WiFi hotspots into 561 drive-thru stores, fixed-line internet terminals from Datavision, and adapted web- based games for children. According to the organization, the drive-thru and service station restaurants are extremely popular with their business customers on the move. On the other hand, the hotspots allows the businessmen to check their mail, access the internet and download presentations while having something to eat and drink.(Mullins 2001, p.78)
The introduction of wireless office environment that uses Symbol access points and 128-bit security encryption to improve hot-desking facilities for workers moving from site to site has slashed support costs as the organization doesn't have to spend 20 minutes reconfiguring laptops to the office environment. ( Davis 1998, p.105)
The introduction of queue-busting wireless ordering devices into 500 restaurants is also paying dividends in that it has minimized customers queuing times, increase drive-thru sales by five per cent thus 82 per cent of the customers believe that it has improved. (Thompson 2002, p. 95)
Outsourcing and automating Mc Donald ...
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