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Essay example - The Meaning of the Taotie Motif on Shang Dynasty Bronzes: A Critical Review

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In order to be able to best understand the meaning of the taotie motif on Shang Dynasty bronzes, there are several different issues that we really have to take into consideration. We also want to take into consideration the views of different authors so that we can integrate elements of their arguments and thus be able to best conclude on what the actual meaning of the taotie motif on Shang Dynasty bronzes is…

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In this dissertation we will be analyzing what the most involved scholar's opinions are, and using this, combined with a personal opinion as well, we will be able to discover what the meaning of the taotie motif on the Shang Dynasty bronzes is. There are so many different views that have been taken on this matter over the years, especially as of recently in particular, and by sort of consolidating these views in with our own, we will be able to not only better understand the actual meaning of the taotie motif on the bronzes, but as well be able to understand why certain people have taken the stance on it that they have. ...
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