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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - Essay Example

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The bond between grandparents with their grandchildren is eternal. It is a bond without expectations and therefore it is pure and divine relationship. Grandparents take utmost care of their young grandchildren and provide them support through their experiences of life…

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

In the present family system, where separation between the partners is becoming very prevalent, grandparents take the charge to rear their grandchildren. Moreover, due to work schedule or career of the parents or due to single parenting, grandparents come forward to support their grandchildren. The present article discusses in detail about the grandparents raising grandchildren, the problems both face, their struggle over various issues and achievements of the child.
"Grandparents raising their grandchildren", "grandparent caregivers", "grandparents-as-parents" and "grandparent-headed families" are interchangeable terminologies which refer to the families where grandparents provide full time parental care to their grandchildren in the absence of the children's biological parents. In this era of recession where the people are losing their jobs at a much faster rate, parenting is becoming a big worry and therefore parents are becoming more inclined and turning to their own parents to rear their children because of several reasons including the financial insecurity and also because they are seeking jobs elsewhere and therefore grandparents raise their grandchildren due to the inability of the children's parents to effectively meet their parenting responsibilities. ...
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