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Is it important for managers in youth work to have an understanding of the concept of organisation culture Why, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of th - Essay Example

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Is it important for managers in youth work to have an understanding of the concept of organisation culture Why, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of th

Taking all of the criteria into consideration, I feel that the answer to the question is yes for the reasons presented in this paper.
Anderson writes about this concept and other in "Imagined Communities". He takes the premise and considers it in the context of nationalism. Anderson contends, "Nationality, nation-ness, and nationalism are cultural artifacts whose creation toward the end of the 18th C was the spontaneous distillation of a complex ''crossing'' of discrete historical forces; but that, once created, they became ''modular,'' capable of being transplanted to a great variety of social terrains, to merge and be merged with a variety of political and ideological constellations. Theorists of nationalism have encountered three paradoxes:
(1)The objective modernity of nations in the eye of the historian vs. their subjective antiquity in the eye of nationalists. (2) The formal universality of nationality as a socio-cultural concepts vs. the particularity of its concrete manifestations. (3) The political power of nationalism vs. its philosophical poverty. (Anderson URL http://ssr1.uchicago.edu/PRELIMS/Culture/cumisc1.html 2005)
What Anderson says that applies to management and youth work is that there are clearly defined boundaries and common interests that have been derived from common circumstances. ...
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There are many factors to consider when asking the question "is it important for managers in youth work to have an understanding of the concept of organisation culture" In order to answer this question credibly an understanding of management theories is required and their social policy context…
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