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Research for Registered Nurses

Two relevant skills are important for making contribution in the clinical care in such scenarios. These are ability to examine the evidence in support of the proposed course of treatments and the ability to use the evidence in practice. However, extracting evidence from research is not easy so it can be used straightforward for clinical decision making. Although it is a commonly held idea that comprehending the research finding is what is necessary, but those who have tried this in practice know very well that finding a relevant evidence for facilitating decision making is not that easy (McDonnell, 2004). Usable evidence must support a proposed clinical activity and clinical intervention so the course of treatment can be modified. Familiarity with research process and research methods are two important requisites for a healthcare professional, and they should at the baseline be able to search the requisite information through a comprehensive, rigorous, and methodologically valid search ultimately assisting them to select and deliver the most effective care.
Stone and Rowles (2007) indicated that as far as nursing is concerned, most research has demonstrated that there are barriers to use research findings in practice, and the main reason is a gap of knowledge in research methods and deficiency in critical appraisal skil ...
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Nursing work involves decision making regarding the care of the patients. Decision making in clinical practice is a composite of integrated academic knowledge and individual skills. However, recently with availability of easy access to internet even in the workplace, the practicing nurses can access best available clinical evidence from external sources…
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