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Motivation College - Essay Example

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These days, motivation is a most talked about topic, but not clearly understood and very often poorly practiced. This paper is intended to provide a better understanding in regards to the importance of human motivation in the construction industry. Most of companies are looking into ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality…

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Motivation College

At the same time, people represent the highest single cost figure, they also are considered to be the most unpredictable, difficult to control, and they are by far the one critical factor that nothing much can be done about. Much of the industry have turned its energies to solving more technical issues and has turned away from dealing with human factors as the primary key to improving profit. (Gerry, 45-57)
Motivation is the key factor in influencing humans to work better, so an increase in motivation will result in higher productivity and more profit, which is the ultimate goal of the construction industry. Understanding and having knowledge about motivation theories can help to create a motivational atmosphere, and application of these theories can result in achieving higher productivity. The leadership style of a manager has a lot of influence on the motivation of workers. Construction is still considered as a tough guys business. Most construction managers and supervisors consider a democratic leadership style as a weakness. However, research has proved that democratic supervisors have achieved higher performance and better results than any other leadership style. (Iain, 78-85)
Motivation is defined as, "a person's active participation in and commitment to achieving the prescribed res ...
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