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Essay example - Interpersonal communication report

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It is a matter of fact that feature films, especially their communication and messages have deep and powerful influence on people. Films are told to be the most popular communication form and the audience is greatly influenced by their story and communication lines (monologues, dialogues), celebrities and musical performance…

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Films require good skills in order to have possibility to deconstruct them, to read their signs, colors and to understand their communication. Understanding of communication is necessary for perceiving the very nature of story line and sense of messages. It is necessary to think independently and thoroughly about film messages and communication. Film communication is able to assist ability of the audience to realize whether information is valid or invalid. Developing film literacy is necessary for people to analyze critically commercials, different television programs and film productions. (DeVito 1995)
Communication in films can tell the audience about new ideas and concepts if human behavior and life. For example, in the film "Gone with the wind" Scarlet has strong appeal to women wit her well-known statement "I'll think about it tomorrow". This phrase has become the first commandment for many people in their everyday life. Therefore it is necessary to state that film communication has very strong effect on the audience. This effect can be either positive or negative. Everything depends on the communication skills of heroes and different perception of people.
Effective communication skills play the most important role in the film. It is necessary to admit "You've got mail". ...
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