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The Holocaust can be defined as a reminder of the many struggles endured by people throughout the years. MAUS is no doubt a good reading experience. It shows us a story of struggle against something too horrible and frightening to explain into words.


Sethe forcefully made a decision that would haunt her forever, to kill a life which had grown inside of her. Just because it was what she had to do. The sister of Vladek did the same thing in MAUS. She not only killed herself but also her three children to save them from a pain that death could not compare with and to save them from a life that would offer them only suffering and pain without any hope.
The Holocaust is all about speaking about all the unspeakable things that happens in our lives but difficult to accept. The death suicide of wife, the struggle to stay alive while your family and friends die around you feet and the guilt of having survived was such things of Vladek's life. The pain of what Sethe went through is quite similar. She never gets to Beloved to tell her that what she did was right. She had a fear to loose Beloved. This fear was due to the fact that the unspeakable would never have been spoken. Art was the Beloved of Vladek. Art no doubt was the reminder of Richieu, Anja and of everything that he loved in this world. This is what made him speak the unspeakable thing. ...
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