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Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach struggled to secure his position at Arnstadt, after that he moved to St. Blasius in Mhlhausen from where he obtained organistship. Bach ws universally acclaimed for his keyboard performance. He served as Hofkonzertmeister to the duke of Weimar, where his job responsibility the composition of sacred music, "the great cantata, Ich hatte viel Bekmmerniss, was probably the first work of his new office". Bach was also appointed as "Kapellmeister to the duke of Cthen". During this period he initiated his work on "book of the Wohltemperirtes Klavier, the solo violin and violoncello sonatas, the Brandenburg concertos". Bach was deeply inspired by Handel, he therefore made "copy of his Passion nach Brockes". Bach developed the finest Passion and Der Tod Jesu which were revealed after his death, it was Bach who transformed Brockes. The major achievements of Back include "the Passion according to St. Matthew and the B Minor Mass". The importance of Bach in the history of music can never be ignored or avoided. His role can never be regarded as oil-fashioned, "a true composer the effect on the history of music was immediate and profound". ...
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Johann Bach entered school of St. Michael, the place where he realised that his voice and talent had potential to excel. Bach focused more upon instrumental than vocal music. Bach had thoroughly studied classical and contemporary composers including Girolamo Frescobaldi, Caspar Kerl, Buxtehude, Froberger, Muffat, Pachelbel and Johann Joseph Fux…
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