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The role of Executive management

Executive management is familiar with the subject matter, but they have decided to hire a specialist in this sphere. Executive management view training as an integral pan of the process of quality management and a continual need for the process of staff development. This audience will have to ensure that new training project meets government regulations and guidelines. In half a year, they will need to gather information and compare results of two training systems: web-based training and the traditional one. Then, they will analyze results and efficiency of new project.
Department managers are responsible for work coordination, planning, control and organizing. Also, they are responsible for developing and maintaining procedures in conjunction with other depart mental heads for recruitment and training; ensuring adequate safety precautions, etc. Department management is not familiar with the subject-matter and will show resistance to change. Most of them are afraid of the introduction of new technology or methods of working. Also, they can resist new programs because of uncertainty over changes in responsibilities and the increased responsibilities. ...
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A successful performance of LRH manufacturing depends upon its management team and staff. The change in terminology in recent years, from "personnel" to "human resources" is indicative of the recognition of the human element in the overall corporate structure.
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