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One, there was an atmosphere of freedom. Two, the industrial era was growing. And three, there were people whose ideas were catching up with the youth of those times.
What was happening was a new generation shaken by the war and psychologically drained was left without mooring. It was left to this generation to lead or to be lead. The economic scenario was grim. In this environment, a new culture emerged that was to give the haute couture in Paris a run for its money! Fashion was no more to be treated as the private domain of a few individuals. It became mass based. It became an industry that rolled out quality, ready-to-wear stuff in mass productions. There was awareness to move away from the elitist class to more bourgeois order and reap the benefits of a freer and more powerful society (Mid Twentieth Century).
The 1950s emerged with the market targeting teenagers for music and fashion. The trends were becoming bolder. Women were wearing shorter skirts. Popular movies set trends in what to wear and more than eager teenagers in huge droves styled themselves after their divas. Christian Dior introduced a New Look silhouette that bespoke the freer atmosphere after the war restrictions. The New Look silhouettes included longer skirts with emphasis on waist and shoulder lines (1950s fashion).
In the 1960s, a class of fashion designers emerg ...
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1945 heralded a new buzzword for fashion. World War II came to an end and it left the major world powers, particularly in Europe, too shaken and weakened to dictate the way society was to conduct itself. Paris, which prided itself as the fashion centre of the world, was in disarray and not in a position to continue to assert her dominance…
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