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Law school admission

That is why I decided to continue education in the United States, and went to Boston University after school. That was when I found out that higher education in the U.S differs a lot from that, which is offered in high school. The volume of information that pounced on me from my first days at college was overwhelming, and I had hard times trying to cope with it. There was too much things to be done and learned, and I lost courage and self-confidence for some period. In addition I had health problems - pains in the back, caused by the herniated back disc distracted me from studying.
At that period I had to pay lots of attention to my academic life, due to the amount of information I got. I had almost no time to socialize, and my back hurt badly. Sometimes I felt like giving everything up, and returning home, but in some time I developed a strategy that helped me to cope with my problems. I decided that I wanted to continue my education in the Boston University, and to cope with all the strain I learned time-management and some self-motivation techniques, which helped me to organize my working hours effectively, leaving time for work and social life.
However, I managed to overcome all of those problems, and during my last three year in the Boston University I led a full life. My grades became much better - I had higher than 3.0 GPA for last three years, and I took active part in the social life of the university. ...
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In my opinion, education is one of the most important things for the person in the contemporary world who wants to become successful. This persuasion has always existed in my family that is why I have always been paying lots of attention to my academic life…
Author : ardellamitchell

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