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Police role descriptions in the media - Essay Example

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Police role descriptions in the media

In this first story, Police charge 5 for string of robberies, sex assaults on Washington's National Mall since May (2006), the crime fighter role is embellished immediately. The headline employ's colorful adjectives such as "string" and "sex". This headline is much stronger than stories involving the other police roles. The police in this case were reacting to a series of crimes against tourists. These crimes occurred over a period of five days and primarily involved the theft of cell phones, cash, and other valuables. There was one rape of a seventeen year old girl.
The crime fighter role is depicted quite strongly. In the lead paragraph of the story, it is mentioned that "a citywide criminal emergency was declared" (2006). The U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Kenneth Wainstain is quoted as saying that the Washington Mall had become a "hunting grounds for victims" (2006). The media depiction of the crime fighter role is almost romanticized by the choice of language made to tell a simple news story. One might see the same type of language and imagery used in a crime fighter police movie or drama.
In short, a careful analysis of this story demonstrates how a news story involving the crime fighter role is treated in very dramatic terms. Even the U.S. ...
In the final analysis, however, the language and the actions seem a bit beyond reasonable. The depiction is greater than reality. There are, for instance, no "hunting grounds."
Social Servant Role: A Breach of Trust
A police officer is, to be sure, a member of the community in which he lives and works. He is vested with the same duties and the same obligations as any other member of the community. In addition, as a police officer he is also seen as the community's Good Samaritan. There is a distinct social servant role implied in the larger role of a police officer. He is more than a good neighbor. He is a good neighbor who can help give advice and help resolve problems and disputes. He can help people with drug abuse problems and make recommendations regarding social welfare. The social servant role is a vital one in terms of the police relationship with the community which it serves.
In the second story, Officers suspended over video parody sue San Francisco (2006), there is a controversy over a breach of ethics by a group of police officers. This story is about the violation of the social servant role. More than two dozen police officers were suspended for making a "28-minute Christmas party video, which contained depictions of a white officer driving over a black homeless woman and a traffic cop pulling over a woman and ogling her" (2006). The police officers were suspended. They did not violate the criminal law; however they did damage their status as social servants. The story depicts these police officers as being members of their community, in this case San Francisco, and therefore subject to a certain ethical code of conduct. In justifying the suspension, the San Francisco Mayor, Gary ...Show more


The crime fighter role seems to be the most popular in the media. In the entertainment media the crime fighter role is more exciting and more interesting than other police roles. Dirty Harry is hardly the social servant. The news media is similarly attracted to the crime fighter role…
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Police role descriptions in the media Essay essay example
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Police role descriptions in the media
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