The Ice House by Caroline Gordon

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The Ice House is a short story by Caroline Gordon. When going through the story, one cannot help but feel that this is Gordon at her best. In The Ice House, Caroline Gordon of Merry Mont visits the undying legacy of the Civil War and takes the reader through a journey that is nothing less than bone chilling and riveting at the same time.


Gordon gives us the account of the young men as they go about to accomplish the task assigned to them: The excavation of a mass grave. The Ice House" shows Gordon tackling the legacy of the Civil War in a gruesome tale that involves two young men hired to excavate a mass grave. We can infer from this fact that Gordon has once more maintained her distinct southern modern writing style. Gordon starts out by introducing us to Doug, one of the central characters of the plot. Doug has recently acquired employment on a tentative basis and his employer is a Yankee contractor. He is one of the two main characters of the short story and has been assigned the task of removing the skeletons of Union Soldiers from a pit in an ice house. The skeletons are of soldiers who were killed in the battle field in 1862 and the bodies had been placed in the ice house so that they could be buried later. Needless to say, the theme is distinctively Gordon and the subtle approach to the scenario reflects her position as a writer who has chosen to adopt the modern writers style. As the story progresses, the setting of the scenario becomes even more intriguing and the distinct style of writing is reflected in every dialogue between the characters that is distinct to Gordon.
If Southern writer Caroline Gordon was to be ...
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