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Do Counsellors Perceive There Counselling Training Equips Them to Deal with Violent and Aggressive Clients - Essay Example

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Do Counsellors Perceive There Counselling Training Equips Them to Deal with Violent and Aggressive Clients

During this time, I was thinking of a physical and emotional exit for myself and that surely wrought negative effects on my performance and efficiency as a counsellor. This particular incident made me feel very susceptible at this point and realized my lack of defences. It also needs to be realized that counsellors are not equipped, in most situations, to effectively handle these kinds of clients and unpleasant situations that could arise when dealing them. I am very fortunate and lucky in this regard to be blessed with the proper kind of training that effectively deal with hostile situations and clients, I was interested in finding out how other counsellors, most of whom are unequipped, deal with such situations and their problems and expectations. Another reason for working on this topic is the lack of previous research and literature on this particular that further translates into problems for counsellors.
The objective of drawing up this report was to gather the observations and impressions of other counsellors about the physical harassment they face at the hands of violent clients and how do they feel and manage or handle such hostile situations. ...
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The reason I took up this topic is that during my professional life as a health practitioner, I have realized that the risk of an attack by a client is very real and could happen with anyone in any kind of circumstances and thus, one should duly be aware of this threat and take all possible measures to prevent such a situation and if does occur, take steps to minimize damage, both physical and otherwise…
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