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Essay example - Thesis paper on the book "The Confessions of Nat Turner"

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Nat's confession on the motive of uprising hinges on his belief that he was divinely inspired, and even was asked by Providence to do so. His entire confession is based on his fervent belief that he was asked by God to undertake this work, which he considered his life's mission…

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This firm belief had condoned his conscience of cruel murders including the entire family of his kind owner, without any apparent reason. His group of followers too believed in his divine inspiration and respected it. They thought that their cruel actions were supported by God's will and mercy, a possible parallel with today's suicide bombers. But Negros of that day had enough provocation and grievances. Hence, the divine inspiration supposed to have received by Nat formed the basis of entire horrific incident and people involved did not worry much about being tortured or going to gallows as part of their divinely designed mission that was meant to happen for a glorious future, ordained by God himself.
Nat's confession is full of 'Lord commanded me', in firm belief. It is also the basis of his Christian faith, for which Jesus suffered and died. He, being an already suffering Negro, placed himself in par with Christ, and his sufferings leading to self destruction were borne with satisfaction and fortitude.
This justified not only his own cruelty of committing cold blooded killings, but also leading the rest of the gang into destruction. It gave him much needed solace and self righteousness. It enhanced his stature in his own eyes and that of his followers and fellow sufferers. ...
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