Dracula and the Frankeinstein

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The timeline of the novel is the late 18th century. The novel begins with the letters written by Captain Walton to his sister. The chapters of the novel are comprised of the story of Victor, a man saved by the crew during their voyage to the North Pole.
Victor Frankenstein sets out to attend a medical school.


He manages to live near a cottage and by observing that family he educates himself and reaches at the conclusion that he is far different from normal humans and that he is unwanted anywhere. Though he tried to befriend the family at the cottage his appearance frightens them and out of shame and broken heart he decides to kill his creator. Thus it kills Victor's brother and later, his friend too.
When his attempts to destroy Victor's marriage fail, he kills the bride which puts Victor's father to death; Victor decides to take revenge upon his creation. Thus they both end up at the North Pole. Victor dies and the monster explains its final plans to destroy himself at the North Pole itself.
About the Author: Frankenstein was written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley during the times of Industrial Revolution when the Romantic ideals were at threat. The novel incorporates the Romantic themes of isolation and the beauty of nature and also deals with loss.
Frankenstein belongs to science-fiction genre. The movie stands out from other horror movies. It is unique in its creation. The movie came to life under James Whale's direction in the year 1931. The film was made in a time when technical effects were not known.
When a comparison is made, we get into the details of the matter and learn more. The movie and the novel differ in a lot of way. ...
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