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Project Management Report

In this regard employee training is an extremely imperative trend that has recently grasped a great deal of attention in the corporate world. Business leaders like Accenture Ltd. and Macquere Bank have specifically focused on educating their employees, in the meantime a number of firms that provide training facilities to businesses have also developed, thus creating an entirely new faction of organizational structure, that is, Human Resource Management.
Technological Advancements and progress in Information Technology have made computer proficiency a requirement of the modern business. These developments simultaneously entail employees to be skilled in IT in order to effectively compete for career improvement.
With the above objectives in sight a Postgraduate Professional MIS course was designed to train IT consultants the art of Systems Development and Mechanism so as to enhance the IS efficiency within the organization and to simultaneously reap advantages through research and development.
The Project designed under the title of 'Organizational IT Change (OTC)', is an eighteen-month comprehensive training course. OTC has been specifically developed to address some extremely important aspects of current corporate requirements. It will comprise of coaching in the following modules
OTC would involve a provision of compl ...
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Globalization, Corporate downsizing and rapid developments in the Information Technology have forced organizations to review even the minute details their business in order to extracts opportunities of competitive advantage.
The latter part of the 20th Century saw a wide array of research conducted in evaluating the significance of employee development to organizational success…
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