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African Drum - Essay Example

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At the core of African music are several handcrafted instruments with very significant importance to the culture,the traditions and the tribeThe drum is one of these instruments. However,the drums are objects of art and they have religiouы and communication functions…

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African Drum

At the core of African music are several handcrafted instruments with very significant importance to the culture, the traditions and the tribe. The drum is one of these instruments. However, more than instruments, the drums are objects of art and they have religious, social and communication functions. Relying on the shape of the drums, we can divide the instruments into three categories: the goblet-shaped drums (usually called the djemb), the hour-glass shaped drums and the kettledrums.The Goblet drum or djemb consists of a membrane (goatskin is the most commonly used to produce this membrane) stretched on top of a wooden base shaped as a goblet (cylinder on top of a conical stem). This drum is so popular that it is commonly referred to as the African drum and it is found in several different countries all around Africa.We can find the earlier origins of the Djemb in the Mali Empire of the 12th century. Among all the different types of African drums, the Djemb has become extremely sought after in the Western world and is regarded as the most popular of the African drums. It is played only with the hands, and it produces a wide range of sounds, depending on where you hit the membrane and how you hit it i.e. the angle of approach made by the hand.The talking drum or hour-glass shaped drum, with its tensions straps around the drum shell, is considered to be a communication tool as much as a musical instrument. Africans say it is used for "talking" because it reproduces tones of African speech. ...
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