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Assignment example - Lesson Plan High School

High school
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Black-Board, Marker, Balloons, Perspex rods, Thread, Ebonite rod, some wool or woolen jacket, Silk cloth, A ready-made Van De Graff generator or the items required for constructing one, insulation tape
The Balloon Experiment: In the balloon experiment, two balloons are charged up, by rubbing them with our woolen jacket…

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Then gradually we bring another balloon near to this balloon. It is found that the balloon hung with a thread tried to go away from the other balloon. This is happening because of static charge.
Perspex Rod Experiment: Students are asked to charge a Perspex rod by rubbing it with a silk cloth. The rod is placed on a watch glass table. Then another rod is charged by rubbing with the silk cloth. When we try to take the second rod near to the first one, it is found that the rod on the watch glass starts nudging away. This indicates that how the rods get charged, while the ordinary silk cloth is acting as a charger.
Thereafter, students are shown the Van De Graff generator in the laboratory and explained to the students that the Van De Graff is not a generator in strictest possible sense, because it doesn't generate electricity or charge on its own. It is instead a simple equipment in which the negative charges are transferred to the top, where these charges get accumulated.
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