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Untying the Knot by Melanie Thernstrom

Monetary concerns played vital role for the outcome of their 11 years of marriage.

The couple. Kate is an impulsive career-oriented woman who is not afraid of risks in whatever decision she might come up to, who happened to be wed to Max, a controlling man who preferred art rather than increase of salary. It's surprising to know that in eleven years of marriage none of the couple adjusted to one's flaw in order for the marriage to last. Though it seems that Kate did submit herself to her husband's term, it was her character as financially domineering in the marriage that held her back for total submission or to give way. It always boiled down to financial reason. Her impulsiveness often resulted in disappointments, and the result of her marriage to Max is a failure as expected.

Was the marriage salvageable The former couple (not yet married at that time) was revealed as vacationing at the Costa Rica, where they had a serious argument for looking at different birds in the same tree. This incident depicted the seriousness of their indifferences to prolong being tied in a commitment. It was stated that Max still longed for reconciliation; the only problem is that, lately, they both realized that Kate doesn't wanted to get married not only to Max, but to anybody else. She longs for freedom and always had preferred it all along unconsciously. ...
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The marriage. Money dominates so many lives at the expense of personal relationships, including marriage. The story of Max and Kate portrayed in the article is described as something that could be interpreted as perfect if the bases are common interests and compatibility…
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