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Bioethical Research on Stem Cells

Bioethics is a study that deals with all the ethical questions raised due to biological and medical researches and advancements and attempts to answer those questions and satisfy the masses. It also deals with the effect of these biological and medical advancements on the correlation of these fields with other social aspects of life like religion, politics and other social sciences. It talks about the responsibility of the government, the religious leaders, the sociologists and other social figures in regulating and taking notice of any controversial and/or disputed biological or medical issue prevailing in the society. It strives to provide proper arguments and debates to satisfy the concerned and to provide evidence for the importance of the said issue as well as to prove the relevance and unavoidability of the process to make sure that the end result and the eventual achievement is worth the sacrifice.1
Bioethics not only deals with issues related to humans, human rights and research on human issues but also emphasizes on the importance of animal rights and issues related to these non-human species. ...
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The field of Biology, especially the field of Medicine is growing at very fast pace. New researches and advancements in processes and procedures come up each and every day increasing the scope of this field even further. As the time passes, more and more new kinds of diseases and biological and medical problems are being discovered and more and more research is being done to tackle with them…
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