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Essay example - Attribution Theory

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Attributions are those grounds of human personality, which distinguishes one individual from another. The theory refers to those personal traits for which an individual claims himself or herself to be successful in life. However, in situations where one feels that he or she has not succeeded in achieving his goals of life or situations which make the person feel like defeated, attribution process takes place…

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Attribution theory aims at determining the hidden aspect in which people use to interact with each other in context with the understanding of others' behaviors. This theory helps an individual on a personal as well as collective level to understand human behaviour in detail. For example the theory helps the various causes of interaction between humans, whether it be his or her own behaviour or someone else's. Attribution theory is based upon those notions that people believe and want to know the reasons behind their understanding for the actions that they and others take. It helps them to attribute and analyze causes to different behaviours they see in their everyday lives rather than assuming and considering such behaviours while taking for granted. This phenomenon assists them in developing some feeling of control over their own behaviours and sometimes over situations they feel complex or critical to take appropriate decisions. ...
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