numerous attributes of a leader

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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, leadership is the ability to guide and direct. I agree in full to that definition, however, I think there is more to leadership than just that. Being able to guide and direct a person is a key element in the process of leadership, although that is just a start.


The American Heritage Dictionary is a very true definition that will earn you the right to be considered a good leader, but to be a great leader it takes more than just getting something started (West 1993 p 7).
There are numerous attributes of a leader, but I feel that three of the most important are as followed: respectful, altruistic, and dependable. A leader should be respectful to set a good example for others. A true leader will gain more in being satisfied by finishing something that they started then they would by gaining material possessions and not benefiting the well being of the society around them. According to me Malcom x fits perfectly into the above mentioned definition and attributes of a good leader.
Malcolm X was a renowned black civil rights leader. He dedicated a majority of his life to creating racial pride in his black listeners. Many things led to his strong feelings against white domination, including his family life and his experiences as a young adult, this created his dreams and goals and followed up with his many accomplishes as a civil rights leader.
Malcolm X was born in Omaha Nebraska. Growing up his family was constantly harassed by whites who didn't like his father, Earl little because he was an organizer for the "Back-to-Africa" movement. His father was murdered when Malcolm was just six years old. ...
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