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Techniques available for Resource allocation and aggregation in Construction Project Management

Resource management is more important in construction Management because common resources are utilized for different projects and it is essential that Project Scheduling be done keeping the resources availability into consideration. The project planning should be resource oriented scheduled.
When we talk about resources for construction industry we will confine ourselves with human resources, financial resources and machinery and equipments. It is a common phenomenon that all projects suffer from resource constraint, abundant resources are not available at the disposal of the managers, nor is it desirable. The management skill lies with the optimum utilization of resources and that is possible only in case of resource constraints.
Take example for an organization where simultaneously multiple projects are into operation, the available manpower, Machinery and Equipment needs to be properly deployed and needs to be planned along with the project plan so that same machineries can be used in all the projects. Skilled manpower also can be shared by the projects by simply proper planning of the projects. The activities of each of the projects needs to be scheduled in such a way that deployment of the skilled manpower and machinery is synchronized. ...
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(Abstract: This paper gives an overall view of decision making, the importance of Resource management in the process of decision making and discusses a few techniques available for resource allocation and aggregation in construction Project Management. The techniques discussed are Network Critical Path Analysis, Bar Charts, S - Curves)
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