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The paper explains the history and development of computer games. The paper traces the time when electronic games were first created on mainframe machines and how it gave rise to the gaming industry. The paper also describes the various phases, which marked the development of the industry, games that boosted its popularity among youngsters.


Way back in 1952, A.S.Douglas, Cambridge university student designed a version of Tic-Tac-Toe as a part of his PH D degree. The game was set on an EDSAC vacuum - tube computer with a cathode ray display. It was not until 1958 that the first video game was designed by William Higinbotham. "Tennis for Two" as the name suggests was set on an amplified tennis court for two players who had to return the ball to one another. In 1962, came 'Space war', the first computer game where the designer Steve Russell and his team used a MIT PDP-1 mainframe to design his game. "Space wars" marked the beginning of an era of computer games. The two-player game comprised space ships and firing photon torpedoes. During the mid-sixties when computers had not yet found their niche and were restricted to research centres, the game was found in every research computer in the country and enjoys popularity to this day. However, Russell did not benefit from the invention since MIT, the institute, which had appointed him, was disappointed that the computer was not used to develop scientific programmes.
Computers soon became a rage in the 1970s and began finding their way into homes. With it arose the need for games and soon people began designing their own games for home computer use. ...
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