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Game Theory

Computers soon became a rage in the 1970s and began finding their way into homes. With it arose the need for games and soon people began designing their own games for home computer use. Online games were fast gaining popularity with role-playing games such Dungeons & Dragons becoming a hit. This was a game where players got the chance to assume the role of a character and carry out missions. However, online games still were an expensive option since the use of Internet was charged by the minute.
During this period, games were usually played by typing commands on the keyboard. But in the 1980s, graphics began taking precedence and games with basic textual commands and graphics, such as “Pool of Radiance” and “Bard’s Tale” were designed. In 1983, the video game industry came crashing down due to poor quality games and popular games like E.T and Pacman failing miserably. This boosted the popularity of computers and soon enough low-cost computers began replacing video games.
There were also many high-quality graphical interfaces, which could be utilised with the help of the computer mouse. With the popularity of Commodore Amiga computers in 1985, sales saw an upward trend and attempts were made to work on improving its features. Other technological innovations that came about were sound cards, which added to the audio-visual experience of a computer game. In the 90s, came trend-setting games like “Wolfenstein 3D” which popularised the first person shooter game genre as so did “Doom” which set the trend for 3D graphics in games. ...
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The paper named "Game Theory" explains the history and development of computer games, traces the time when electronic games were first created on mainframe machines and how it gave rise to the gaming industry. Also describes the various phases, which marked the development of the industry…
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