West Yorkshire Police And A Merger.

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West Yorkshire Police And A Merger.
The situation that will be uninvestigated in the proposal will focus on is the merger and the fact it was meant to take place with other Police regions in 2006. However, the merger did not take place.


The goal being to incorporate the police together so they would ultimately be together under one unit. The proposal will investigate the issues that would arise for the public sector as a result of the mergers. In addition, the perception of the police regarding the merger will be examined. The purpose of the research on the merger is to investigate and present the action methods that will work best to formulate a decision regarding the merger and reach a conclusion as to the best and most ethical course.

There are many fact ors to be taken into consideration regarding a merger.. Included in the Yorkshire Police merger are legal issues, A recent newspaper article re ported on these issues.
That the government was being taken to the high court over its plans to merge police forces, while rebel Labour MPs plan to derail the scheme in the Commons. Cleveland police force is to seek a judicial review of the home secretary's plans to merge it with the Durham and Northumbria forces. Guardian Unlimited Guardian News and Media Limited 2007 ...
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