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Essay example - AIDS and the Progress Made Towards Equity Within Botswana

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AIDS is a worldwide epidemic that continues to spread its specter of death and destruction without hesitation or let-up. Governments, the private sector, and non-government organizations have joined forces to form all sorts of organizations and councils to fight it…

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AIDS is a top health priority worldwide.
Second only to Swaziland as the hardest hit country with adult AIDS prevalence rate of 37.3%, life expectancy in Botswana has gone down from 65 years in 1990-1995 to 39.7 years in 2000-2005 (UN, 2004, cited by Fredriksson-Bass, 2005). And yet, the case of Botswana is considered a success story in the eyes of development workers and calls the work there "Africa's most far-reaching AIDS treatment program" (Timberg, 2005, p.1). Why is that and what are the implications of this to the question of health equity in relation to AIDS treatment in this country
Equity in health implies that ideally everyone should have a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential and, more pragmatically, that no one should be disadvantaged from achieving this potential, if it can be avoided.
Botswana has several things going for her. It has a well-educated people, a stable government and a relatively well-placed health care program (Farley, 2001). If there was one country in Africa where an ambitious program on AIDS could work, it was Botswana (Farley, 2001, p.1). ...
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