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This paper explores the alternatives to the conventional biomedicine and the various advantages they offer against conventional medicine as well as against each other. It is also studied how the various alternative medicines are chosen to treat the illness


The conventional medicine which uses pharmaceuticals are observed to have side effects along with the desired physiological and psychological effects and the lack of side effects with the alternative health remedies makes it a more desirable among all age groups and for all kinds of treatments. While it is observed that the "conventional medicine uses scientific approach to understand and combat disease very effectively, it is found to be costly" (Treweek, Heller, 2006: 131) whereas the alternative medicinal therapies are economical. Also, there is another kind of remedy called Complementary therapies which are used in conjunction with the conventional medicine. Both the complementary and alternate therapies are not based on evidence and hence fall out of the realm of conventional allopathic medicine which is evidence-based and is tested for efficiency and safety (Health Care, 2009). Complementary and Alternate Medical (CAM) therapies are designed to prevent illnesses and enhance the overall health of the person by considering the physiological as well as the psychological health of the person. It is categorised into five basic realms of approach or practices to therapy. These are the Whole Medical Systems, Mind-Body Medicine, Biologically based practices, Manipulative and Body-based practices and Energy Medicines (NCCAM, 2009). ...
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