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ComparisonContrast Montresor and Fortunato

The obsession may derive because the men are equals in background, thus making Fortunato's insults that much more infuriating to Fortunato. Additionally, it seems from their elegant language to each other, they have the same level of education and social circles. Additionally, both men seem to have many of the same interests. While the plot takes advantage of the love of fine wines, it appears that they may have other things in common. Both men are at carnival which indicates a love of parties. Both love wine and pride themselves on their knowledge. Poe says," in the matter of old wines he,' meaning Fortunato.' Was sincere. In this respect I,' meaning Montresor,' did not differ from him materially" (748). Both men seem to have a ludicrous view of self import. Both it seems, may be masons. In the story, Fortunato is certainly a mason, but it is unclear whether Montresor is a mason because while he had the trowel, he did not know the hand gesture. Nevertheless, they both had an interest in this secret society and felt that it was sign of prestige.
Additionally, it can be inferred that both men possessed a dark sense of humor. Perhaps both have had their share of pulling off dark pranks and being the object of dark humor. ...
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In "A Cask of Amontillado" Edgar Allen Poe presents two characters that are enemies, but also have a great deal in common. This essay will discuss the commonalities of Montresor and Fortunato and then discuss their differences. From the beginning of the story we become aware that both men are possessed in their pursuit…
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