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Conflict Management Styles

Prevention of conflicts can have dire consequences on productivity. This is because it is through conflict resolution that underlying issues affecting the employees are resolved. It is also through conflict that eventually people get to understand each other and hence work better together in future.
There are many approaches that are used by organizations to deal with conflict at the workplace and of course each approach yields different outcomes. Some of these conflict management approaches include avoidance, negotiation, arbitration, litigation or dismissal and transfer of irreconcilable employees.
In most cases organizations will apply a combination of two or more conflict management tactics. In my workplace the popular conflict management approach used is avoidance. This approach takes the form of simply ignoring conflicts among employees in the hope that the issues of contention will disappear. Needless to say this approach only suppresses conflict and aggravates the problems. With time the conflicts become irrepressible and erupt to scandals. Disgruntled employees sabotage office resources and in case the conflict is among co-workers the scenario may take to physical confrontation. This tarnishes the image and reputation that an organization takes so much to build. ...
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Conflict at the work place is inevitable because the work place is comprised of different people who have different ideologies, backgrounds, mindset, expectations, political affiliations, religions and race among others. This work force diversity can be an asset to a company that intelligently works with it but in most cases it turns to be a destructive feature in that it breeds conflict.
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