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Coursework example - Sports Coaches

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The word 'structure' relates to a 'whole', and also to the manner in which various parts interact with one other in the process of making up this whole. 'Agency' refers to these 'parts', and are the smaller units through which individuals come in contact with the structure.

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The structure of tennis (tournaments) consists of the four Grand Slam tournaments - the Australian Open, the French Open, the US open And the Wimbledon, and the Davis Cup (for men) and the Fed Cup (women). (University of Texas: Introduction to Tennis - website)
The Agencies in the game of tennis are the governing bodies, the clubs and educational institutions where tennis is encouraged and played and also advertising sponsors and media, which have a marked influence on the fortunes of the game. The individuals involved in the game are the players, the coaches, the members of administrative bodies that govern the game, its patrons, the persons in decision-making positions in educational institutions, companies that sponsor the game and in the media; and most important of all - the individuals that comprise the audience.
How is the role of a tennis coach affected by the interactions among its various agencies, and those between the agencies and the overall structure of the game I propose to look at the question mainly from my own experience as a tennis coach for the past fourteen years, and shall also refer to the findings of a research study done for the Scottish Sports Council (Lyle, Allison & Taylor 1997)
Individuals are attracted to coaching to prolong an involvement with the game and to help others -mostly young ...
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