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Annotated Bibliography example - bibiography (euthanasia)

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Annotated Bibliography
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1.Battin,M.P and Lipman, Arthur. G.(Editors) "Drug use in Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia" published by Hawthorne Press (1996) 360 pages. The book contains scholarly articles written by a number of people addressing the various issues concerning euthanasia, the moral and legal aspects of assisted suicide and the drugs used for it…

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Mainly intended for medical practitioners and health professionals, the work contains a set of discussion cases addressed by an interdisciplinary panel, which , it is to be hoped, would lead to more work on these lines.
2. Milton D. Heifez. "The Right to Die" Putnam. New York 1975. The author, while putting forward the cases of adults and defective infants and their right to die , gives well documented examples. While the author puts forth powerful arguments on the issues of merciful death, more information could be given on organ transplants. An insightful book, "The Right to Die" is a useful tool for psychologists as well as sociologists.
Being a summary of the history of the Right to die movement, the book is insightfully written. Derek Humphrey being the founder of the Hemlock Society, is well qualified to write about the various cases and aspects of the movement. Addressing an audience of adults , the book gives detailed reports of some of the most famous cases of euthanasia. While it is full of information, an easier style would have been more apt.
4. Hoefler, James. M. . "Managing Death" Westview Press (1997). Boulder. 206 pages While the book is mainly intended for the health professionals, it is well written and readable by the layman. ...
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