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Blogging and Privacy

Ellen Simonetti (2004), a Delta Air Lines flight attendant, for example, was fired after she posted some problematic photos of herself in uniform on her blog. Simonetti might want to show her blogger friends her daily life as a flight attendant through those pictures, but unfortunately, her pictures became a reason for losing her job. In general, visiting Simonetti's blog and looking up her pictures are exactly what most bloggers usually do. Yet, if someone would report her pictures to somebody without her permission, and so Simonetti might lose her job, this is certainly a violation of her privacy. If so, in what ways might Simonetti protect her personal information and privacy
Regardless of any possible personal security issue, the number of blogs is still steadily increasing, and the purposes of using blogs is becoming more diversified from one blog to another blog. Hence, taking such diversity into account, bloggers must carefully consider the level of disclosure of personal information based on the content posted and the targeted audience.
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In recent years, a blog, short for web blogs, has become very popular type of personal websites. Such 'blog boom' is due to the fact that anyone can simply set up a blog by using easy-to-use software with only a few clicks. After they create a basic structure of blogs, they can immediately post any material that they want to share with others such as photos, diaries, and video clips…
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