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Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age - Movie Review Example

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Movie Review
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The Minority Report is science fiction movie in which the future was monitored and explored by controlling the present. The movie revolves around three Pre-Cogs having a special ability to predict the future crimes and murders; these psychics were created through genetic experimentation…

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Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age

The story then enters its crucial phase when the system predicts that Anderton will future murderer of Leo Crow; the person whom Anderton did not know. The epic then revolves around the attempts made by Anderton to escape from FBI and his fellow agents. He then successfully approached one of the psychics and is assisted by the program manager; through investigation he realises that the program developer has left a control under him to design and manipulate the future.
High-tech surveillance is the real entertainment offered by director Tony Scott in his movie Enemy of State. The movie has focused upon application of the technological gadgets and software to trace and monitor the daily electronic communication of the American citizens to prevent terrorism. A bill titled Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act was sent to legislation for approval, however the bill was ostensibly rejected by Congressman, the legislator was then shot dead by National Security Agency, however the footage of the Congressman murder was recorded by photographer. The photographer is then traced while he was exchanging this information through telephone; he was then traced however he managed to protect the evidence from the National Security Department. The evidence landed in the shopping bag of the lawyer Dean. ...
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