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Teenage Prostitution

(India Today)
The reasons why children work as prostitutes and why adults seek sexual favors from them, are multiple and interdependent. From information gathered during interviews with children, the following reasons seem most prevalent (Jain P & Kasturi 25)
Almost all the girls interviewed mentioned poverty, lack of financial support from their parents and the need to eat and clothe themselves as reasons for getting involved in prostitution. Thus, in many ways, in addition to mere sexual exploitation, the children's poverty is exploited. Another way in which child prostitutes are victimised is their social exclusion and stigmatisation. Most girls become prostitutes to seek better living conditions and due to their desperate situation and/or lack of information -do not care about the consequences, which can include contracting STDs and HIV through unprotected sex.
Child prostitution is also caused by changes from traditional values to those of a contemporary society. The consequences of rural to urban migration, and the subsequent reorientation of lifestyle can have far-reaching effects, most notably on the structure of the family.
Fewer girls than boys enroll at school, and girls are more likely to drop out. ...
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Prostitution is an issue which has caused controversy cross-culturally and historically and which has many individuals reexamining the logistics of it. The world of prostitution is so separate from the ordinary world that most people rarely catch more than a glimpse of it…
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