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Steam Reforming and the Production of Hydrogen Gas

About 50% of the global production of Hydrogen is produced by this process(
eg. activated carbon filters, pressurisation and depending on the reformer design, either pre heated and mixed with processed steam or directly injected with the water into the reformer without the need for an external heat exchanger. The water is normally demineralised using appropriate water conditioning systems. Two options are available for reforming one option is high pressure reforming at a working pressure upto 16 bar. The other option is to use low pressures (1.5 bar) with increased conversion ratios (
2.2 Steam Methane Reforming: The process involves the use of high temperature steam (700C) which is reacted with natural gas( primarily methane) to produce Hydrogen. Methane reacts with steam under 3- 25 bar pressure in the presence of a catalyst to produce Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide and a relatively small amount of Carbon Dioxide. This process is endothermic and hence heat must be supplied to the process to proceed. (
The methane steam reforming reaction is endothermic. Hence this reaction requires a high process temperature to proceed. ...Show more


1.0 Introduction: Steam Methane Reforming is the dominant technology to produce Hydrogen from diverse sources like Natural Gas , Methanol, Ethanol, Gasoline, etc. ( Hydrogen is produced in large centralised industrial plants for use in numerous applications including chemical manufacturing and petroleum refining…
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