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Homeward Bound

I decided to run away from home this morning and I did. It was a reckless move on my part and thoroughly stupid. I understand that now if only in retrospect. I bet you want to know why I ran away from home. Well there could be any number of reasons right I could have a sexually abusive stepfather, or perhaps my mother is like that crazy, compulsive character on Desperate Housewives, or maybe I have lousy grades, an eating disorder and a drug problem, I could be on the run from the police (You can really use your imagination here). But the truth is none of these things or perhaps it is all of these things. I'll let you decide.
You see, none of it matters. What matters is Leah and what I think happened to her. But I am getting ahead of myself. I was trying to put as much distance as possible between myself and my hopeless, miserable life. I had the compartment to myself, but it would not have mattered if it had been packed to the seams. There was no place for anyone else, wrapped as I was in my own private cocoon of misery. Suddenly, I felt rather than saw her her name was Leah.
She was exquisite, like a porcelain figurine. ...
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I am not going to tell you my name, and definitely not my address. I won't tell you where I came from, where I went and why exactly I am going back where I came from. It's just that I need to talk about what happened today, during the course of the long, somewhat bizarre journey I felt compelled to undertake…
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