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Software Engineering - Assignment Example

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Here we are talking about a program for machinery for the monitoring of friction, temperature as well as pressure values. To start with, the system deals with sensitive machines and to develop a program for such a system, the program should be a good combination of various fundamental models and existing systems.

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Software Engineering

Here, managing data being the prime task of Data-processing system, it is less applicable to the above system. All naturally happening systems are data processing systems, so that means what all we see is processed and interpreted by us so as to make it more relevant and useful. As far as our system is concerned, it is more of a spontaneous system rather than data related issues. The only information that needs to be kept is as the reference for examining values. Also, another useful thing is to make a log of all the different parameters such as pressure, temperature, etc, which can be really helpful in predicting the safe range for the above quantities. Generally, Data-processing system requires lot of storage capacity, but that's not the issue here. What is important here is the speed.
Moving on to the next kind, Real-time Systems are the ones chasing the dead lines. They are called real time specifically because they work under a constrained environment, which deals with responsive attitude of the system. Real-time systems are designed for either real-time operating systems or other synchronous programming languages, which actually serve as a platform to build such immediate systems. These kinds of systems are really a challenge as they have a specific task to meet and if the software designed fails to deliver on time it's not of any worth. ...
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